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Wed. 31 Aug 2016
Walking in Pelion
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Walking in Pelion

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Wed. 1 Nov 2006
Walking in Pelion

Pelon Cobbled path
Photo by: Michalis Pornalis - Click image to enlarge.

Pelon Cobbled path. Photo description text
Pelon Cobbled path. Photo description text
© Michalis Pornalis
Mount Pelion has a great number of trails and paths suitable for hikes, horse ridding and mountain bike of a small scale. The cobbled paths and trails together with the Volos-Milies railway, used to be the only axis of communication between the villages and Volos capital during the 50’s. Despite the years that passed by, many of the traditional paths are still in very good shape due to efforts done by local communities. These paths give the visitors the chance to explore the mountain in safety, from a close distance.


 Pelon Cobbled path. Photo description text
Pelon Cobbled path Photo description text
© Michalis Pornalis
Pelon Cobbled path. Photo description text
Pelon Cobbled path

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